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Toxics & Pesticides

RNAO Recommendations

Tougher Protection from Toxics

  1. Toughen protection from toxics by:
    • Committing to aggressive targets for reductions in the use, creation and release of toxics;
    • Committing to the goal of comprehensive coverage of toxics, not limited to a set number of toxics or industries;
    • Including mandatory substitution of safer alternatives for toxic substances in production processes;
    • Establishing an independent, academically based institute to build capacity to meet the requirements of toxics reduction, safe substitution and green chemistry. This would include support to businesses, employees and communities.
  2. Ensure public right to know about toxics in their environment, workplaces and products by:
    • Collecting all necessary toxics data and making it available in a readily searchable format;
    • Making data available that is collected under the Toxics Reduction Act and all other environmental legislation; and,
    • Identifying toxic content in products through labelling or by other understandable means.
  3. Strengthen Cosmetic Pesticides Ban
    • Commit to supporting full implementation of the Cosmetic Pesticides Act and regulations.
    • Commit sufficient resources to enforcing the Cosmetic Pesticides Act and regulations.
    • Phase out the exemption of golf courses from the pesticide ban in the Cosmetic Pesticides Act.