Build healthier environments

Creating Vibrant Communities means building healthier environments through cleaner air and water, creating good green jobs on a base of equity and environmental sustainability, getting serious about climate change, and reducing toxic substances and other pollutants in the environment, in our workplaces, in our consumer products and in our food and water.


Positive steps have been taken, but there is much to be done.


Aggressive targets are needed for climate change.


Aggressive targets are needed for reduction of climate change causing greenhouse gases.


  • Create tougher regulations and programs against toxic substances.
  • Enforce the Cosmetic Pesticides Act.
  • Close polluting, coal-burning power plants should have their doors closed by 2012.
  • Replace dangerous nuclear plants with green, renewable energy.
  • Implement carbon tax as an incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


No Ontario community should go without safe drinking water. Wasteful and expensive bottled water, where our shared public resource is bottled and sold for huge profits, should be banned from public places and replaced with clean, safe, public water.


In addition to the health and social costs, the economic costs of inaction on environmental determinants of health are high.


RNAO praised the April 22, 2009 introduction of the strongest cosmetic pesticide regulations in North America, banning the use and sale of pesticides for non-essential purposes. In June 2009, the legislature passed Bill 167, the Toxics Reduction Act. With enactment of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, substantial resources were made available to conserve energy and increase cleaner renewable energy.