Upstream, long-term and visionary thinking

Role of RNs

RNAO Recommendations

Expand the Roles for RNs

  1. Provide base funding for expanded practice nurses such as nurse endoscopists (NE), RNs who perform flexible sigmoidoscopy and Registered Nurse First Assists (RNFAs), independent of hospital nursing budgets.
  2. Support Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and new and emerging roles for nurses.
  3. Reduce surgical wait times by investing in an additional 25 Registered Nurse First Assists each year over the government’s mandate.
  4. Maximize use of RNs’ knowledge, skills and experience and allow RNs to practise to full scope by amending the following legislation and regulations: Nursing Act, 1991, to authorize RNs to sell and compound drugs; Nursing Act, 1991, to authorize RNs to communicate a diagnosis, order simple x-rays of the chest, ribs, arm, wrist, hand, leg, ankle, foot, and mammograms. Nursing Act, 1991, to authorize RNs to set or cast simple bone fractures or joint dislocations.