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Increase Patient Safety


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Maureen Cava, RNAO board member for socio-political affairs (right) speaks to a legislative committee about narcotics safety. She is joined by RNAO Senior Policy Analyst Lynn Anne Mulrooney.

RNAO Recommendation

Secure Continuity of Care and Continuity of Caregiver

  1. Guarantee that models of nursing care delivery reflect the best evidence, where each patient is assigned one nurse per shift, RN or RPN, depending on the level of complexity and predictability of outcomes for the patient. RNs should be assigned the total nursing care for complex or unstable patients with unpredictable outcomes, and RPNs should be assigned the total nursing care for stable patients with predictable outcomes. Patients whose condition is unclear remain under the care of an RN, to prevent shifting patients back and forth between RNs and RPNs.