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Childcare & Education

Creating Vibrant Communities recognizes the close link between healthy childhood development and long-term health and well-being. This requires both universal approaches to early childhood development – such as a provincial breastfeeding strategy, access to early learning, child care, and high-quality education – and targeted initiatives to address the detrimental impact of poverty from childhood into the adult years.

RNAO Recommendations

Early Childhood Development, Child Care, and Ongoing Education

  1. Implement a provincial breastfeeding strategy that would improve health services by providing mothers/families with effective, practical breastfeeding support, and encourage cultural norms that would welcome breastfeeding as a basic human right.
  2. Fully implement the recommendations of the With Our Best Future in Mind report.
  3. Support the increased presence of school nurses, to promote health education, and public health measures in the school environment.
  4. Advocate for a national affordable, regulated, not-for-profit child care program.
  5. Designate funding to save threatened child care subsidies and build new affordable child care spaces
  6. Invest in a public education system that focuses on equitable access. Freeze tuition fees and increase access to needs-based grants for post-secondary education.