Improve conditions of daily life

Creating Vibrant Communities is guided by the vision of a poverty-free province where every person has the opportunity to live in dignity and achieve his or her full potential.


Creating Vibrant Communities means policies that improve the conditions of daily life.


This would include tackling the inequitable distribution of power and resources take action on the social determinants of health and, ultimately, improve health outcomes.


In order to be healthy, there are conditions that must be in place.


  1. Vision for a Poverty-Free Ontario
  2. Affordable and Healthy Housing
  3. Early childhood development, childcare, and ongoing education
  4. Enforcing Human Rights are maintained

Health inequities are a direct reflection of social inequalities, which means that chances for better health and a longer life increase along the socio-economic gradient. 


Access to conditions that permit health is shaped by the circumstances such as political, economic, social, cultural and environmental conditions and forces.