The Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) encourages you to get involved in the upcoming election! Here are some ways to get involved:


Contact Elections Ontario and work for the election


Work locally as a Poll Official, Poll Clerk, Area Manager etc. Find out about opportunities in your area through Elections Ontario - Working for the Election.


Learn about your local candidates who are running
Check out Elections Ontario for the official list of candidates who are registered here. Read up about the different parties and their candidates. 


Attend a Pre-Election Dialogue in your community
Essex Chapter, Hamilton Chapter and RNAO and Region 6 & 7 are hosting Pre-Election Dialogues. Come out and support health & social issues! If you are unable to attend the RNAO, Region 6 & 7 dialogue will be taped for your viewing. We encourage you to check out RNAO Chapter events and other local events in your area as well.