Health and health care for all

No Privatization

"Before Medicare, many Canadians without financial means faced an early death and great hardship as they were denied access to hospital care and other health services."

RNAO Recommendations

Enforce Medicare Acts

  1. Enforce the Canada Health Act and the principle of a single-tier, not-for-profit health care system.
  2. Support the federal government’s use of its power to withhold health transfers to provinces when violations to the Canada Health Act occur and ensure that federal funds are used exclusively to deliver necessary health services that are timely, universally accessible and not-for-profit.
  3. Enforce the Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act to prevent private for-profit clinics from delivering medically necessary health-care services in Ontario.

No Privately Financed and Operated Hospitals

  1. Adopt the principle that all hospitals and community health facilities must be equitably and publicly operated and financed, with no disadvantage to those in rural, remote or low-income areas.
  2. Establish an immediate and indefinite province-wide moratorium on Infrastructure Ontario’s private-finance, for-profit alternative financing and procurement (AFP) projects in the hospital sector. Do not approve or announce any additional AFP projects for which contracts have not been signed.
  3. Request the Auditor General to conduct a full review into the financial details of the government’s AFP deals to determine whether the public is getting the value it has been promised.
  4. Provide full transparency with total disclosure of all financial aspects of AFP/P3 (public private partnership) contracts that have already been signed.
  5. Shift the hospital financing method to a traditional (non-AFP) method for projects where AFP contracts have not yet been signed.
  6. Ensure that publicly financed and built hospital projects follow comprehensive evidence-based guidelines for health-care facility design and construction.