Health and health care for all


"Canadians want and expect their governments to work together to ensure that their policies and programs that define Medicare remain true to the core values of equity, fairness & solidarity"

- Roy Romanow


(excerpt from Executive Directors Dispatch, RNJ, March-April 2011)


RNAO Recommendations:

Enforce Medicare Acts

  1. Enforce the Canada Health Act and the principle of a single-tier, not-for-profit health care system.
  2. Support the federal government’s use of its power to withhold health transfers to provinces when violations to the Canada Health Act occur and ensure that federal funds are used exclusively to deliver necessary health services that are timely, universally accessible and not-for-profit.
  3. Enforce the Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act to prevent private for-profit clinics from delivering medically necessary health-care services in Ontario.