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Continuity of Care & Caregivers

File 66

RNAO Best Practice Guideline. (2007).

Developing and Sustaining Effective Staffing Workload Practices

RNAO Recommendations

Healthy Community Hospitals and Health Services with Continuity of Care and Continuity of Caregiver

  1. Guarantee hospital and health services funding, including community and primary care, and invest in collaborative programs that meet community needs and reflect inflation and population growth.
  2. Ensure that models of nursing care and the delivery of health services reflect the best evidence and provide the continuity of care and continuity of caregiver from the most appropriate provider – based on the complexity and predictability of the patient’s outcomes - that provides access to the best possible patient care.
  3. Require all hospital consultancy contracts to be approved by Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) where they are subject to public scrutiny under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  4. Invest in health services research focused on improving system effectiveness, health human resources impacts and outcomes, and the use of technology and treatment alternatives to manage costs.