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Mental Health & Addiction Services


File 58

 RNAO (2009). Best Practice Guideline Supporting Clients on Methadone Maintenance Treatment

RNAO Recommendations

Access to Mental Health and Addiction Services

  1. Develop an integrated and seamless mental health-care system for all Ontarians, with interprofessional collaboration, delivered at the individual’s preferred location, with special consideration for members of Aboriginal communities, older adults tackling both new and ongoing mental health and addictions challenges, people from racialized communities, new Canadians, people with disabilities, discharged members of the Canadian Forces, children and youth requiring increased and enhanced mental health and addictions services, inmates in correctional facilities, and rehabilitated ex-convicts.
  2. Implement secure funding for professional education in mental health and addictions, in order to promote early screening, assessment, determination of early recognition and diagnosis, and immediate intervention across all professions.
  3. Support the development of specialized post graduate education in Mental Health and Addictions by introducing a new Nurse Practitioner Specialty in Mental Health and Addictions, and supporting continuing education throughout the career span.