Health and health care for all


RNAO Recommendations

Access to Home Care

  1. In order for the Alternate Level of Care (ALC) strategy to succeed, provide adequate funding to support Aging at Home and the availability of age-appropriate care from home and community care, long-term care and hospital care.
  2. Increase investment in home care services, including homemaking and professional services, to support persons with chronic conditions and/or older persons so that they continue to remain active and vibrant members of our communities.
  3. Provide incentives for collaboration of all community health-care partners, including mental health and chronic disease management, in addition to home care services.
  4. Abandon competitive bidding as a method of allocating funding for home care and for health service providers in Ontario.
  5. Advocate for a comprehensive national home care strategy following the same principles and spirit of the Canada Health Act to enable people to live with dignity and as independently as possible in their communities.