Commit to publicly funded, not-profit health care system

In difficult economic times we are reminded why Canadians cherish their publicly funded, not-for-profit health care system. Indeed, 86 per cent of Canadians support not-for-profit solutions to strengthen Canada's universal health-care system. Canadians, and Ontarians, have made it very clear that they value, support and rely on our publicly funded health-care system and they look to our political and health-care leaders to commit to defending and enhancing it. Creating Vibrant Communities requires our best efforts to strengthen the not-for-profit health-care system, we must be ready to defend it against attempts to limit access to those who have a greater ability to pay.


Re-Commit to the Canada Health Act to ensure future generations of healthier Canadians


RNAO calls on all political parties to re-commit to the Canada Health Act and the principle of a single-tier health-care system, and to affirm that there is no place in Ontario for private, for-profit clinics and privately built and operated hospitals and health-care facilities.


When violations to the Canada Health Act occur, the federal government must use its funding power to resist the flow of public funds to support for-profit delivery of necessary health services and stand up for public health care.