Welcome to Creating Vibrant Communities

We are proud to share Creating Vibrant Communities: RNAO's Challenge to Ontario's Political Parties. Learn about the key policy priorities for all Ontarians in the upcoming provincial election that will take place on October 6, 2011.

Some will tell you we need to choose between social programs and deficit-cutting, or between a clean environment and jobs. Forcing such choices is unacceptable.

Creating Vibrant Communities means:

  • Strengthening social determinants, equity & healthy communities
  • Building sustainable, green communities
  • Enhancing Medicare (publicly funded not-for-profit health care)
  • Improving access to health services
  • Building a career in Ontario
  • Embracing our Democracy, strengthening our public services


We know from the mid-1990s that cutting deficits by putting more pressure on nurses, other public sector workers and necessary public services does not work.

There is a better way. We need:

  1. A commitment to better health care, cleaner environment, and a brighter future for our children,
  2. Economic growth – including the green jobs of the future – not cuts to public necessities.
  3. Leadership and political will to create "vibrant communities."


Do you think dirty coal plants should be closed immediately, or by 2012?:
Find out more about coal plants and RNAO's Clean Energy recommendations.

Upcoming Events

RNAO welcomes you to Create Vibrant Communities and to attend an All-Party Dialogue in your area. To learn more about events in your area and to RSVP, please see below: